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Never Forget...

Seventeen years ago, on a Tuesday, much like this one, America endured a brutal and horrific assault on her soil. As I sit here, in my living room, trying to dry the tears that still flow, I am reminded of the shock, horror, fear and overwhelming sadness that I felt that day. In fact, I remember every detail, every sound, every emotion. I remember hearing that Pearl Harbor was the day America lost her innocence. I believe America nearly lost her soul on 9/11. Yes, our country changed that day. Some say for the better, some say for the worse. I guess it depends on which side of the fence you choose to sit. But one thing I DO remember about that day and the days that followed. I was NEVER so proud to be an American as I was then. The pride was tangible. Everywhere you looked, everywhere you went, people were proud to stand up and count themselves as Americans. The unity and fellowship helped us overcome one of the worst days this country has ever endured. It’s time we remember that feeling of American Pride and begin to care for each other again. It’s time we put aside our petty squabbles and begin to heal the divisiveness that is rapidly becoming so rampant. We are Americans! The Land of the Free! Thousands of men and women have died for our freedoms. Let’s not let their sacrifices go to waste. The terrorists tried to destroy us, but they failed. Let’s not let our country fall apart from the inside. Put down the hatred, put down the anger, put down the strife. Pick up the compassion. Pick up the love for your neighbor. Pick up the unity and let’s show those who died that day and all the other days, that this country is still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!! We don’t need a President or a Congress or a Senate or a House of Representatives or a Supreme Court to do this. We Can Do This! Us! It starts with you and with me and it starts with our neighbors and our small communities spread all across this country. Because THAT is what America is! America is NOT a government. America is NOT a Supreme Court. America is US!! You and me!! And I don’t care what color you are, what church you attend or don’t attend, who you love or don’t love. If you live within the borders of this country, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN! You are my countryman or countrywoman.WE all live here and we all have the responsibility to share the legacy we will pass down to future generations.I, for one, do not want to leave a country that is in tatters to my grandchildren. I’ll do my part. Will you?

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