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Delia Reddick has become quite skilled at keeping people at arm’s length. She learned it from her parents, Savannah, Georgia’s most ruthless attorney, Greyson James Reddick IV and his rebellious wife, Charlotte Ann. A successful editor for one of New York’s most prestigious publishing firms, Delia has managed to put her past behind her. That is, until Oliver calls. “Your mother has passed, Delia. Your father needs you now.” Returning to Savannah, Delia focuses on the task of burying her mother, discovering in the process that neither Charlotte nor Greyson are the parents she thought she knew. Confronted with the truth of her family’s past, it is up to Delia to reveal a secret Charlotte kept hidden to the one person who scares her, and in doing so, learning a bit of truth about herself and what it means to forgive.

Well thought out and expertly executed. I look forward to more from this author. Please do not keep us waiting for long. Excellent Read! 


This was a great book about love and forgiveness, keep a box of Kleenex handy as you'll need them. Would definitely recommend this book to others. Great Read!

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